Please be advised that we have noticed a trend in exhibitors being regularly contacted by representatives from the "Fair Guide" and companies such as EventFair in Slovakia, Construction Data Verlag AG in Austria and Expo Guide in Mexico, offering subscriptions and advertisements for their Trade Fair guide,

The Fair Guide offers the impression that they work in cooperation with various locations, including ours, but this is not the case. MESSE C has never collaborated with The Fair Guide.

MESSE C has never used Fair Guide and has never provided names or contact details of exhibitors. It would appear that Fair Guide mines websites for Trade Show exhibitors then tries to lure exhibitors to their website to change an error or update an address or company name, thus getting you to sign in.

Be advised that by signing a Fair Guide contract, one commits to paying an annual fee of DKK 20,000, (€3,000) for the next three years for a service that is not worth the money.