MESSE C offers so much more than trade fairs. We create framework that gives your event the perfect style and atmosphere. With up to 33,000 sq. meters of flexible space located in central Denmark, you're able to think differently, perhaps a bit bolder, creating truly one-off, unique events.

Customer in focus

MESSE C is known for bespoke solutions with our customers in focus. Firstly, we listen to your needs and can always help with ideas for planning and service. We’re a full service location and have in-house resources for any scale of event. This short film gives you an insight into how we can convert raw walls into extraordinary halls for any occasion.

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MESSE C is Street

Our framework can be rebuilt to suit any event. When it comes to Street Food, the raw halls are a huge advantage, as they feel authentic and 'Street'. We have welcomed guests from all over the world to experience a variety of cuisines from food trucks and stalls.

At MESSE C, Street Food's good ingredients are combined with inspiration from well-known dishes served with a twist. We serve, amongst others, gourmet hot dogs, sliders, smoked salmon with pea puree, delicious chicken on spits and much more. Since Street Food is often a standing affair, it provides a perfect opportunity to mingle and network.



Full-service house

As a truly full-service location, we help with everything from idea generation, planning, budgeting and decorating to execution. We have the framework and an experienced team, full of ideas, to help with any event or party and we take great pride in working closely with our customers.

Are you curious and want to see more? Then let us buy you a cup of coffee and give you a guided tour. We will also be happy to tell you what makes MESSE C a very special place to host events.


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C for Central

We are located in the heart of Denmark’s Triangle Region just 40 minutes from the international airport, 10 minutes from the motorway and 5 minutes from the train station. There are 5,000 hotel rooms within 20 minutes drive, 26 restaurants nearby, 5 minutes to the sea and less than 1 minute to great service.

 for Centre

We are an exhibition, event and conference centre with 33,000 square meters under one roof, 4 halls with seating for 10,000 dinner guests in Hall A and 5 meeting rooms with space for 700 people, 3,000 dogs or 300 boats. 



We’re available to serve 24,000 tapas, 12,000 drinks or just crack open a single bottle of champagne!

for Charm

We have character and confidence and we make life simple, straightforward and satisfying for you and your guests. We are not afraid to be charismatic and do everything to give an experience that hits the high notes. It’s in our genes.

Call us for an informal cup of coffee and a guided tour - come and C.