Street Food is eaten on the go, providing great opportunities to network and talk to each other in a relaxed and unpretentious setting. Street Food isn’t just fast food - often with international roots, it’s tasty and provides energy.

Street Food is not just mouthfuls of great flavours but also an introduction to international cuisine, showcasing traditional dishes and trends from around the world with a twist, made with delicious ingredients.

At MESSE C, Street Food's fresh ingredients are combined with inspiration from well-known dishes served with a twist. We serve gourmet hot dogs, sliders, smoked salmon with pea puree, delicious chicken spears and much more. Since Street Food is often a standing affair, it provides a good opportunity to circulate, network and talk to each other.



We are experts in conjuring unique universes from raw halls and when we build the Street Food universe, the raw halls come into their own. By keeping it authentic and simple, the food and the experience take centre stage. Below you can see an example of Street Food at MESSE C.

Street Food is, as the name suggests grab ’n' go food served on the street. It’s been around for many years, and in Denmark we know it from our iconic hotdog carts. Street Food is food that is "ready to eat", which is purchased from a stall or cart. More often than not these stalls are portable, providing roving and flexible opportunities. The same goes for the food. Combining distinctive ingredients and a mix of traditional dishes inspired from around the world, your guests have a perfect blend of finger food and fast food.

Many people choose Street Food for variety, tasty experiences or to try new and exotic dishes from around the world. A variety of different national dishes are often on the menu when we serve Street Food.


When the award winning Papirøen opened in Copenhagen, it put Street Food in Denmark firmly on the map. Now you can also experience it right here in MESSE C.