At MESSE C, we have great ambitions on behalf of our customers. We want to be your favorite trade fair-, conference- and event venue.

C for center

We are situated right in the heart of Denmark – 10 minutes from E-45, 5 minutes from the train station, 40 minutes from the airport, 5.000 accomodations in a 20 minutes drive, near 26 restaurants, 5 minutes from the water and under 1 minute to service.
- And we allready have a free parking space reserved for you and your guests - or 3500 to be precise. 

C for conference

We are a fair-, event- and conferencecenter with 33.000 square meters under one roof. 4 venues which can seat 10.000 dining guests all in the same room.
5 spots for your meeting with capacity of 700 visitors, 3.000 dogs or 300 boats.
We are ready to serve 24.000 tapas or 12.00 drinks or simply let a bottle of champagne pop.

C for Charm

We have charm and confidence – and make it easy, delicious and straightforward for you and your guests. We aren’t afraid to turn on the charm and strive to create a unique experience that hits the high c

– So come C for yourself – we are ready with freshly brewed coffee and a tour.