We had the pleasure of working with Spar Nord as we were allowed to house their employee conference in 2016. Spar Nord had some really nice words for us:



1310 guests can surely shake any host - even a driven one? 

Think - everyone must use the bathroom, eat brunch, sit comfortably in the conference for several hours - where it is vital both to see and hear the management talk - have lunch in an hour, split into three groups to go to nine workshops, be able to dress up to be ready for the bar and stand-up - and not least enjoy dinner with three courses, wines, shows and dancing with good sound and safely sent home with a goodie bag for the trip back to the furthest corners of Denmark.

Broadly speaking, Spar Nord Banks wanted all of this plus a little more in connection with their Employee and Strategy Conference in November 2016.

It is, in many ways, funny to see the many thousands of empty square metres for the first time.

It’s great to use scooters to get around - but a little anxiety provoking having to imagine these giant concrete rooms turning into warm beautiful halls with Street Food x 2 + a lecture hall with unique technology and comfort + three well-appointed   workshop rooms + a sumptuous coffee/cake table for workshops + delicious artistic facilities + men's and women's bathrooms (the latter with real makeup mirrors) + bar with room for stand-up and lumber lighting + stage decoration x 5 with style and not least the large evening party with prism light chandeliers, lots of flowers, the giant scene and a myriad of servers who control every detail.

BUT - that was the way it was - and it was world class. A highly professional collaboration with top professional people a highly professional place, which we - with warm greetings from all the guests still talking about the experience - highly recommend."

Spar Nord Bank
The Headquarters in Aalborg

Vibeke Pedersen and Elisabeth Viksnins