Our conference rooms have had a major upgrade to the latest technology and AV equipment. We now offer high resolution HD screens in all rooms, two display screens in our big room, wireless headsets and audio recording and one of our conference crew is always ready to help with technical assistance.

The major upgrade also includes focus on an appropriate indoor climate. We have invested in the latest air condition system that ensures that the temperature is exactly as you want it. We know that a good indoor climate is important for a good conference, so when you hold your next meeting, it’ll be just the climate you want.

Say hi to Jan

Jan is our conference and technology guru. He has a complete overview of the details of your conference and he makes sure everything works as it should, so you can concentrate on your guests. If you need help with technical issues, then it's Jan you call.

It's also Jan who’s on call when you use the Conference Assistant button, and who will immediately come to your aid. Read here >>

In other words, you may consider Jan as your right hand man when you attend a meeting or conference at MESSE C. He loves to have satisfied guests and always ensures that everything is in perfect order when you come to visit.