Always worth a visit

Whether you are into classic cars, boats, arts and crafts or luxury shopping, as a visitor you can always count on top quality service and a welcoming environment at MESSE C.

We take pride in providing you with a good experience from the outset. We have 3,500 free nearby parking spaces and at the bigger fairs, we have a team of parking assistants to maintain a smooth flow of traffic.

Once inside, we have a large contingent of willing staff manning the entrance and cloakrooms, keeping public areas clean, cooking food in the kitchens, serving food and drinks and ensuring you have the best possible experience. The philosophy is simple: the better the experience you have the more likely you are to visit MESSE C again.



MESSE C in Denmark C

With 33,000 square meters under one roof, MESSE C is Denmark's third largest conference and exhibition centre. We say that anything is possible because we have the facilities to create completely unique universes and experiences for our clients and guests.

As a guest of MESSE C you get value for money. The venue is a given but did you know that we also have 3,500 free parking spaces?

Come closer

At MESSE C we genuinely love to have guests and we are really good at taking care of them. We are trained in the “License to THRILL” philosophy. Read more here >>

With the MESSE C exibition website, you can keep the catalogue in your pocket. All information is just a click away and we guide you through the whole event

We have a variety of different fairs throughout the year. There is something for men, women, children and the elderly. What can we tempt you with? -  take a look >>

MESSE C offers first class public trade fairs. There is time for shopping, being inspired, touch and feel, listening to exciting talks or have a nice lunch and take a break in the lounge. We always look forward to receiving guests because that's what we are best at. We have over 100 years of experience bringing people together.

We would like to show you the way. Take a look >>

We look forward to seeing you and want to make sure you don't get lost. So we've put together a little guide on how to get here.

See for yourself

Do you have to spend the night when you visit to the fair? There are plenty of accommodation options right near MESSE C.

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