Unfortunately, we find that our exhibitors are regularly contacted and bothered by inquiries from"Fair Guide", or other companies such as EventFair, Slovakia, Construction Data Verlag AG, Austria and the Expo-Guide, Mexico, which offer admission/advertising in their messaging guide, www.fair-guide.com.

The offers from the Fair Guide give the impression that they cooperate with various exhibition centers. But this is not the case, MESSE C has at no time entered into cooperation with the Fair Guide. 
MESSE C has never worked with Fair Guide and does not provide names and information on exhibitors. Fair Guide finds this information from the fair’s website. 

The method, Fair Guide and others, use, is that you are enticed to correct an error or update address and/or company name, to get your confirmation.

Be aware that, with a signature on a contract from the Fair Guide, you are bound to pay around $20,000 for admission to their website over the next three years - which is definitely not worth the money.