Every year Nordea Bank Denmark (Nordea) brings together their top 400 leaders for a two-day conference called BMS, focusing on their strategy and challenges for the coming year.

MESSE C rose to the challenge by offering a variety of locations under one roof that allowed Nordea to focus on their message by skilfully portraying storytelling and values. With this approach we believed that we could strengthen the leadership mindset and idea generation techniques.

With the ambition of being 'the best of the world', Nordea had set the bar high. Fortunately, there are high ceilings in MESSE C's raw concrete halls, in more than one sense. With 33,000 square metres under one roof, we have a blank canvas and the opportunity to create unique universes and our team ensures that each universe is created with individual charm, character and charisma.

For Nordea, this resulted in moving from an authentic Street Food location in one hall to 18 themed group rooms in another through to a beautifully decorated and festive dining room area in a third hall. Everything was decorated in the Nordea style, which we had specifically designed with the focus on being "the world’s best".