Mr. is an association of men’s clothes stores with a chain of over 70 stores nationwide. Mr. was established in 1964, by a group of enterprising merchants who could see the benefit of close cooperation.

 “50 years in business should be celebrated. It was important from the outset that the party would be at a "high level" but with it’s feet on the ground. The team at MESSE C created the atmosphere that made every aspect of the day memorable.

A beautiful, large tent was constructed in the parking lot at our headquarters and they had an abundance of innovative yet feasible ideas for the evening.

During the entire planning process we had a very good and open dialogue with MESSE C. Consequently, we were confident that budgets and timetables were strictly adhered to.

We were really excited about our collaboration as their team managed to create an amazing and beautiful framework for our event that we alone could not have conceived."

- Frank Skovgaard, Managing Director, Mr.