The event was a programme to launch the iPad as a work tool for all of Lidl’s district managers. Using Segways to steer around the grounds of Hindgavl Manor House and an interactive map on the iPad to locate and shop at market stalls, the district managers then took part in a Masterchef competition in tents where each team had to use the ingredients they just purchased to make a delicious dinner for a celebrity judge. Finally, the iPads were used for a quiz night followed by a Gala Dinner.


"I have had the pleasure of working with MESSE C in connection with a big kickoff event for Lidl Denmark.

At the event we presented our district managers with an iPad as a work tool. The challenge was to make an event that was a unique and distinctive experience for the participants, and MESSE C was clearly the contender that delivered the best offer - a bid that had really catered for both the specific wishes, and more importantly, what they read between the lines. The physical framework meant that we could not hold the event at their location, but this was no obstacle to MESSE C, who made sure there was nothing missing from the experience, even though they were not on their home ground. Before during and after the event there was constant and professional communication from MESSE C, which meant I never doubted that they had total control of the details, both planned and unforeseen.

The creativity, responsiveness and flexibility that they have shown, means I will not hesitate to use MESSE C for future events."

Kurt Jørgensen, Project Leader, Lidl Danmark