50 years is a long time. What do you remember when you look back? We wanted to awaken all the senses in a journey through time with the feeling of actually being there. A trip down "Memory Lane” that started in 1967 with a living Elvis, Grandma's cottage, the hippy era, disco, Denmark winning the European Football Championships, Dancing with the Stars, selfie-culture, the first Dane in space, giant leaps in technological advancement, all brought together by actors playing live mannequins and forming part of the journey through time with sensory experiences. Clothes and fashion trends from the last 5 decades were hanging from the ceiling and here too, one was reminded of how long the journey of the last 50 years has been.

Finally, the guests entered 2017 in a raw and exciting Street Food setting with culinary fragrances from around the world and a virtual reality universe with a virtual visit to the company. All this peppered with lectures and a glimpse into the future and how the next 50 years will look.

The following day, the employees and their partners took the same journey through time, but now the Street Food setting was transformed into a large banquet hall with lounge areas. Here, Copenhagen Drummers, comedian and host Jan Gintberg and TV’s The Antonelli Orchestra created a party atmosphere for the expectant guests.

It was two wonderful days in the company of Ib Andresen Industri, proudly celebrating their half-century together with both customers and employees.