Book your very own meeting concept at MESSE C and get a totally unique experience. As well as a great location, we offer innovative ideas to help you create something special, and staff on hand with the service gene in their DNA. 

Your own design

No two events are the same, so we would like to offer a tailor-made package exactly for you. Firstly, we listen to your needs and ideas, then offer advice along the way and ensure that we give your guests exactly what you envisaged. 

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Fifty shades of bacon

Looking for a way to spice up your lunch life? Fifty Shades of Bacon will have your guests smacking their lips when we serve up a variety of dishes tied together with bacon.

[Translate to English:] Surprise me!

[Translate to English:] Hvis du er til en mere uhøjtidelig frokost, og dine kursister er med på at frokosten måske skal spises med fingrene, så lad os overraske med denne pakke hvor frokosten f.eks. kan være gourmet hotdogs eller en wokbox.

[Translate to English:] Traditionen Tro

[Translate to English:] Engang imellem kan man godt få lyst til at få noget mad, som er helt traditionel uden franske navne og tilbehør man ikke kender. Er det noget for dig, så skal du have den pakke, der hedder Traditionen Tro, så får du f.eks. skippergryde, hakkebøf med løg og mange andre gode ting.

[Translate to English:] Helt i Fisk

[Translate to English:] Bare rolig – konferencen kommer til at gå præcis, som den skal. Det særlige er, at maden er fisk i stedet for kød. Det kan være en let fisketallerken eller et mere traditionelt stjerneskud – og det er ik’ så ring’ endda… 

[Translate to English:] Den eksklusive pakke

[Translate to English:] Skal det hele være krydret lidt mere - og skal der skrues ekstra op for charmen, så anbefaler vi at gå i det eksklusive hjørne. Pakken til dig der elsker at forkæle smagsløgene.


We also suggest our Sharefood concept for an extraordinary lunch. With a natural backdrop of birdsong and a picnic atmosphere to complement delicious delicacies and fresh produce to share.

If you go down to the woods today...

Meetings can also be held in the woods. We would like to meet you and your guests for a picnic which we can serve either inside and outside, depending on how authentic you want to be.

Street Food

An authentic gastronomic experience from all over the world, in a raw, street environment with stalls, live cooking, food to eat on the go and plenty of opportunity for networking.

Sustainable meetings

If you care about your footprint, then our 95% organic menu could be perfect for you. With us, locally produced, organic food is always part of the menu, but maybe you want more than that, tell us your wishes, from local, sustainable produce to organic banqutes or anything in between.

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