MESSE C offers delicious and new premises where there is room for discussing ideas and where you can hold your meeting in pleasant surroundings. Our restaurant have made a delicious meal, you can enjoy sharing with each other.

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Our conference has been properly upgraded. We have invested in a new air conditioner that ensures that the temperature is the way you want it. We know that a good indoor climate is important for a good conference. Similarly, we offer the latest AV equipment technology. Read more about this >>

Rooms without limitation

At MESSE C we say that everything can be done - and we mean it! With our 33,000 square meters under the same roof, there are no limits to how many group rooms you can get.

In the video above you can see how we built 18 themed group rooms for Nordea.

For the smaller meetings

If you need a cozy and undisturbed meeting room for the small meetings, we can also deliver that. In our meeting rooms there is a focus on quiet and comfortable surroundings, so the meeting experience will be thereafter.

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