Nordea Bank Danmark A/S (herefter Nordea) every year, they gather their top 400 leaders for a two-day conference called BMS, focusing on the coming year's strategic considerations and challenges. 

MESSE C invited the task to more than one location. We wanted to help focus on the message and in the high professionalism work with storytelling and soft values. Because in this way we thought that we could best strengthen the leaders' mindset and the idea-creation process.

With ambitions to be the "best in the world", Nordea set the bar high. Fortunately, there is a high ceiling in MESSE C's raw concrete halls in more than one sense. With 33,000 m2 , here we have the opportunity to create unique universes and the people who work here ensure that every universe is created with lots of edge, charisma and character.

For Nordea, this resulted in walking from the raw Street Food environment in one hall, to 18 themed group rooms in another to a beautifully decorated and festive dining room area in a third hall. Everything was decorated in a Nordea universe, which we had prepared specifically for those with a focus on "the best of the world".

We had built 18 themed group rooms and offered in them some of the world's best leaders universes. For example, there were an Amazon room with a corner with chesterfield sofas, cosy lighting, bookshelves, iPads and most importantly, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ "10 rules for success" on the table. Ready to inspire and set the framework for the day. A common theme of the world's best leaders was that they all managed to navigate the digitized world and have been ready for change. Just as Nordea wants to be.

We want to create magic and value every time.

DEMA 2017 - Nomination

Based on this case, we have been nominated for the industry's highest award - a DEMA. Danish Events & Meetings Award is  to pay tribute to the most innovative and value-creating ideas, cases, efforts and results in the Danish meeting and event industry.

We were nominated in the category "Best Venue Concept", and could celebrate a nice second place. We are honoured and proud to be considered for this award.