On March 22, 10,000 union representatives from 180 different trade unions met at MESSE C in Fredericia. The exhibition centre hosts countless meetings, fairs and events each year, but never before has the more than 100-year-old exhibition centre laid the foundations for so many meeting participants at one time. In the record time, the exhibition centre got the logistics in place in the big house, extra employees were called to work and all sails were set to solve the big task. The Grand Meeting took place between 08.00-17.00 on 22 March 2018.

Optimal framework at MESSE C for the historic Grand Meeting

The main organiser of the upcoming Grand Meeting in Fredericia is one of the country's largest trade unions, HK Kommunal. The association stands behind the decision that the grand meeting be held at MESSE C, and according to Chairman Bodil Otto, HK Municipal, it is not entirely coincidental that the choice fell on Fredericia and at the exhibition centre:

For both the HK Municipal and the other 180 unions, it was important to find the most optimal framework for the holding of the Grand Meeting. Our many members come from all parts of Denmark and to give as many people as possible the opportunity to participate, it was natural for us to look at a centrally located place in the country. MESSE C is undoubtedly the largest and one of the best located meeting places in the middle of Denmark, and we know from previous events with them that they have really good facilities and great experience in solving such tasks. We look forward to meeting all our colleagues from all over Denmark in Fredericia, and to a hopefully good and fruitful meeting for all the participants.