Once a year, Bankdata gathers all of its 650 employees from three locations (Erritsø, Silkeborg and Them) to a joint conference.

- The goal of the annual meeting is to give all employees the same message at once - they get a very current briefing on what is happening in the company. This year, for example, the launch of a new internal strategy was on the program, says Regitze Tilma, head of the communications department at Bankdata.

Gode faciliteter
De seneste tre år har MESSE C Fredericia dannet rammen om årssamlingen, og det er der flere årsager til, beretter Regitze Tilma.

- MESSE C has really good spaces, where there is room for everyone in the conference hall, we can enjoy our shared lunch in the restaurant and the parking facilities are top notch.

If she had to point out other factors that are important for planning a meeting, then it is, for example, good quality with regard to sound, light and room. Everyone should be able to sit well and hear and see what is going on, she points out.

Delicious food
The catering is, of course, also in focus. Before the kick-off, there is a shared breakfast where colleagues across departments can have a chat before the day’s program.

- The shared lunch is also a central point. And we find that the food is ready when we arrive, it is delicious and well cooked, and there is something for everyone, says Regitze Tilma. 

Security and flexibility
- Overall, the most important thing is that everything just works. What we have agreed with MESSE C, is being put into practice to the letter. And if we come with changes or some special wishes, then it will be solved with a smile. For example, last year we asked for a filmmaker - with short notice - because some entertainment on the stage was going on a big screen. You just took care of that, and that means a lot to us, emphasizes the head of the communications department.