Security in MESSE C in a COVID-19 time

In MESSE C, safety and security are alpha and omega. That is why we have made a number of initiatives that enable organizers, visitors and employees to safely visit MESSE C - even when we are many gathered together.

Focus on safety and security

The recommendations and guidelines of the health authorities are complied. In addition, we have introduced a number of initiatives across our house to increase the safety and security of our guests, organizers and staff. The entire house and all processes have been reviewed to optimize the safety and security of our guests as much as possible.

Hand sanitizer available
at central locations

Face masks will be available
at the fair as a supplement
for those who want it.

Distance and hygiene reminders
via signage throughout our buildings

Frequent cleaning and
disinfection of contact surfaces.

We recommend avoiding
physical contact.

We comply with the
authorities Recommendations and
guidelines concerning catering areas.

We comply with the recommended
number of square meters per person.

Only access for registered guests.

Marking of access and exit points
to ensure the right flow and distance,
as well as one-way hallways.