Post: Chairman

Position: Board Member, Board work

Post: Chairman

Position: Board member, board work

Year of birth: 1948

Date of entry into the board: April 2010

Recent re-election: October 2021

Expiration of the current term: October 2023


Any special skills of the member:

General management, development of organisations, business development and change management.

Top manager in relatively large organisations - both private and public - during the period 1984 to 2010.

Since 2010, chairman of the board of private and publicly owned companies.


ISLANDother management duties:

Billund Vand A/S - Chairman of the Board

Zebicon A/S - Chairman of the Board

Kjæhr & Trillingsgaard A/S - Chairman of the Board

University of Southern Denmark - Chairman of the Board of Representatives.


Which members are appointed by the authorities / subsidiary etc.: Elected by the Board of Directors

The member is considered independent: